a place to put some words

I just started a month-long writing project focused on grief. I am going to use this space to share some of the stuff that comes up for me. I know in conversations with people close to me I have felt a lot of commonality around some of the hurts we are navigating and thought maybe some of my words would connect with others. and maybe not.

To give context to these writings, I am a non-binary trans survivor of violence and abuse, both in childhood and adulthood. I live with PTSD. I identify strongly as an empath, and feel things intensely. I am hoping that this writing project will engage with grief on a number of levels including the loss of my brother and grandmother, the grief of survivorship and self-acceptance as well as the feelings that are coming up as I wade through the process of trying to build a gender expression that more closely fits my gendered understanding of myself.


a place to put some words

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